About Us

The Chopping Block Shop is based in the stunning Cotswold district. We design and hand create chopping boards and blocks to all sizes and styles, meeting all needs and wants.
We supply the individuals, companies and commercial outlets with a range of our own unique designs, and undertake a custom-build service for anyone who wishes to use it.  
Each and every piece is handmade, we do not buy in any of our wooden products at all, and do not supply any other wholesalers. Your item will be unique, as no two pieces are ever the same.  Grain patterns and wood appearance differs, we choose the best looking bits to work with!
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Meet the Team

The Chopping Block Shop Team
Dan and Helen together create each and every piece you see on our website. Helen's creative ideas and thinking are given the magical touch with Dan's woodworking skills and attention to detail. The end product is unique, beautiful, practical and a signature of high quality craftsmanship. 
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February 2021
We are proud to announce our new sister website has been launched.  The Cotswold Knife Company is our outlet for high quality knives and accessories from the most respected brands.
Please take a look,  https://cotswoldknifecompany.co.uk , the ranges are constantly growing!
Autumn 2021
We are very pleased to be supporting One Tree Planted and the Woodland Trust with regular monthly donations, regardless of sales through our site. Please click through here to find out a little more.