Different woods we use

We use a variety of different woods to make our products.  Each one has different characteristics, colours and grain patterns.

We are more than happy to make any of the boards we have for sale from a different wood if you prefer, please contact us for a quote. 

Listed are the woods we use most often, however we may be able to get other species on request.


Generally speaking this is European Oak, we hand select each and every piece to make sure it is sound and blemish free.  A mid brown colour, with a regular grain, it is very solid and rock hard.  It will last for years to come. 



The most popular wood we use, it is attractive, stable, durable and naturally oily and water resistant.  It comes in light, mid and dark browns, with interesting grain patterns and looks stunning when a finish is applied.


A pale wood with a regular grain, and sometimes streaks of a very light brown running through it. It is granite-like strong, an end grain maple board is probably the toughest of all the boards we make, it takes a lot of sanding as it is so durable.

We prefer using this to beech as it tends to be more stable.


For a visually stunning board we can use American Black Walnut.  It has a dark brown appearance, with streaks of occasional black and lighter brown.

It is durable and stable, and is full of character, patterns and grain swirls.

It is also a more expensive wood than others.

Utile and Sapele

Both of this woods are similar, they are a reddish brown appearance, with straight grains which sometimes present with a beautiful swirl and sheen. When used as end grain it tends to go much darker indeed, a very dark brown.