One Tree Planted / Woodland Trust

We are not going to change the world on our own, but every little helps. As our products take from the land, we feel it right that we do our best to help replenish.  Since Autumn 2021,  we have been making regular donations to One Tree Planted, and the Woodland Trust.  One Tree Planted plants globally (many of our woods are sourced from abroad) and the Woodland Trust is UK based.


One Tree Planted is a global organisation dedicated to planting trees where they are needed. Our donations have enabled planting over several countries,  to help the environment and future generations.

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Some of our planting certificates are below.

Certificate 1 - British Columbia

Certificate 2 - The Andes

Certificate 3 - England

Certificate 4 - England

Certificate 5 - Longleaf Pine Restoration

Certificate 6 - Brazil

Certificate 7 - Brazil

Certificate 8 - Alberta

Certificate 9 - Forest Fire Recovery

Certificate 10 - Biodiversity

The Woodland Trust is the UK's largest woodland conservation charity.  They have been planting and protecting woodland across the country since 1972.  Their vision is to see a UK rich in native woods and trees, for people and wildlife. 

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We donate every month to these worthwhile causes, hopefully doing our bit to make a difference.