Handmade Chopping Boards Online Shop

For us avid chefs, it’s important to ensure that we are surrounded and well-equipped with the right cooking equipment. Often, going into a local shop and purchasing basic cooking equipment isn’t what we want to do – we all want quality, strong, sturdy and personalised cooking apparatus. Here at The Chopping Block Shop, we are known as the expert handmade chopping boards online shop, gifting our clients the freedom to find and create their very own novelty cutting boards.

We support many chefs around the UK, offering various bespoke chopping boards, which are suitable for various foods. Whether you require one or many chopping boards, you can rely on us to offer many sizes and shapes from the best variety of hardwoods. Not only do we stock a selection of bespoke chopping boards, but we have a stocklist of Robert Welch Signature Knives; of course, these are hugely popular and iconic within the cooking and catering sectors – always executing outstanding quality and craftsmanship.

We're happy to build a board or block just for you, to the size and shape you require, and the hardwood to best suit your kitchen. If you want to see the quality of our bespoke chopping boards, feel free to view our previous orders from clients.

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