Premium Chopping Board Conditioner Triple Pack


A selection of our superior chopping board conditioners.

50g each of our natural, lavender and orange blossom, and lemon verbena waxes.

Beeswax and refined Walnut Oil blended in just the right ratio gives a luxurious conditioner that is just as good for your hands as it is the wood.

Suitable for all wooden boards and blocks, it nourishes, revives, protects, and restores lustre, enhancing the grain and bringing out the beauty of the wood.

Clean and dry your board, then simply rub in with a cloth or kitchen paper, and either leave to soak in or buff if you'd like some shine.  Works just as well on wooden furniture.

Do not use on or near fabrics, no one likes an oily stain.

We do not use any solvents, turps, or other nasty and yucky ingredients in our products.

Supplied as 3 x 50g tins. one each of natural, lavender and orange blossom, and lemon verbena.