Robert Welch Professional V 9cm Vegetable Paring Knife


The Robert Welch Professional V9cm Vegetable Knife

Perfect for precision tasks: peeling, trimming, and slicing small fruits and vegetables. The short blade allows for more control, making it easy to navigate around the curves of all food types.

A high-performance knife range designed for heavy use by keen home cooks and professional chefs who always aim for culinary excellence. Classically designed for comfort in the hand and perfectly weighted and balanced, Robert Welch Professional Knives are slightly larger and heavier in the hand, so the blade does the work for you.

Taking inspiration from Robert Welch’s 1979 Kitchen Devil Professional range, teh new Professional knives have a European appearance with deeper blades and straighter cutting edge. World Edge Geometry combined with ice hardened German stainless steel provide a harder more resilient blade with exceptional longer lasting sharpness. The traditionally shaped handles feature rivet details with the familiar “RW” stainless steel logo permanently embedded into the injection moulded POM handle around the fully forged tang for longevity, durability and comfort.

• Classically designed blade and riveted handle

• Heavier in the hand but perfectly weighted and balanced for comfort and easy cutting and chopping. Does the work for you!

• Lasting edge retention for heavier use

• Robust and durable

• Deep blade for conventional knife techniques

• Easy to sharpen at home (no need for professional sharpening)

• Lifetime guarantee (25 years)

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