Robert Welch Signature Bamboo Knife Drawer Unit


The Signature Bamboo in-drawer knife storage unit is a clever solution for those who like to keep their worktops clear of clutter. The undulating storage unit is ideal if your preference is to store kitchen knives safely out of sight or in a child-locked drawer when you have finished using them. The Signature knife drawer unit fits standard sized kitchen drawers, but shallower drawers may not close fully if you are trying to store larger knives.

This in-drawer unit is made from bamboo. In a 2014, architect Vo Trong Nghia described bamboo as the "green steel of the 21st century". He was referring to its qualities and uses in the construction of buildings, however this doesn't take away from the sustainable and renewable properties of this versatile biomaterial.

The Bamboo drawer unit is designed to house up to thirteen knives.

Please note, whilst the Bamboo drawer unit has been designed to hold most Robert Welch Signature knives, the following knives are not compatible with this knife unit: Signature Cook's Knife 25cm, Signature Deep Santoku Knife 17cm, Signature Flexible Slicing Knife 30cm